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Trend: Sequin Bridesmaid Gowns

In the last couple of years it seems like brides are trading in their solid colored, chiffon bridesmaid dresses for sequin ones. Sequin dresses are gaining popularity rapidly. What once would take days, weeks, and months to track down has become available at most bridal shops that carry bridesmaid dresses. Sequin dresses can be a great addition to your wedding but, they can also be overwhelming and distracting if they aren’t done the right way.


 First thing to consider if you’re thinking about sequins is the size of your bridal party. Four girls would look great in sequins but, 12 of them would be a little much. If you’re bridal party is large consider putting every other one in sequins or just your maid/matron of honor.


The next thing to think about would be the color of the sequins. Shades of silver and gold are going to stand out more than darker tones would. If this bothers you think of going with darker toned sequin dresses such as navy, forest green, black, maroon, etc. They are still beautiful sequin dresses they just don’t attract as much attention.


 Another tip we found via Pinterest is mixing sequin patterns for a super unique look. The bride below kept the same colors but each of her bridesmaids hada different sequin pattern.

Sequin dresses are absolutely fabulous. They add glam to your bridal party and are so fun to look at and wear. They’re definitely something to consider if you want your girls to add that extra pop to your wedding.