Mon Amie Bridal Salon

For the Ultimate Expression of a Bride


If you frequent Pinterest or follow bridal trends via Instagram or Facebook, chances are you’ve seen the cutting edge designs of Berta Balilti. Berta is an Israeli designer known for slim silhouettes, plunging necklines and beautiful detail. What once was a small boutique has turned into a bridal empire, dressing brides in over 20 countries. And, with more than one million Instagram followers Berta has become one of, if not the most talked about designer as of late. But what is it about Berta’s gowns that have brides all over the world obsessing? Maybe it’s the way the gowns make elegant and sexy seem like synonyms for each other. Or it could possibly be the fit. How when a Berta bride sees herself in the mirror everything seems to look exactly the way she envisioned it.

Berta dresses are not anything like we’ve seen traditionally. As they continue to gain popularity we are beginning to see more and more designers debuting slim fitting gowns capable of portraying the same kind of sexy elegance we see in Berta gowns. It has been said that Berta is pushing Israeli designers to the forefront of the bridal industry.

Between her and designers such as Inbal Dror and Galia Lahav, Israeli designers are bringing new concepts and ideas to bridal that are generating excitement. Because of this, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that what Berta is designing now could very well be the future of bridal gowns. New and different seems to be working and while we’ll never say goodbye to the classics, we can definitely look forward to all the new things to come thanks to designers such as Berta who continue to change bridal stereotypes.

Berta’s spring/summer 2016 collection, which will be at Mon Amie this weekend July 8-10 , is all about detail. Every dress has something unique and different about it. Berta has created a couple fuller gowns that would be perfect for any brides looking for something more romantic. The fuller gowns feature sequin patterns and 3D flowers while also capturing the sleek, sexy look of a Berta. In search of a more dramatic dress? Handcrafted lace and long trains along with sleeves and sequins is something you’ll see a lot of at our trunk show this weekend. Berta brides search for the WOW factor , WOW as in oh my goodness THAT dress! They look to make jaws drop and exceed expectations. If this sounds like you schedule an appointment to come see all of the amazing gowns we’ll have in our store this weekend (July 8-10)!