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The Right Silhouette for you

Last week we broke some of the popular types of wedding gown silhouettes.  Today we are talking about our first three body types.      

If you are petite…

                  Think elongation, to create the illusion of a long torso try an sheath, trumpet or A-line gown. A sheath gown with a higher waist creates the illusion of a long figure because of where it flares out. A trumpet gown will stretch out the midsection because of the fitted bodice and low skirt. An A-line gown will have a similar affect except instead of below the bust it will flare out at the waist. This would be a good silhouette to consider for more full figured petite brides. A sheath dress will overall make you look taller because of the long, slim silhouette. It is generally very simple but clean and classic. Avoid ball gowns. The full skirt will swallow your petite frame which will make you look like your drowning in a sea of tulle.

 Gown:  Berta  

Gown: Berta 


If you are full figured…

                  If you are full figured you can go one of two ways: you can show off your curves through a mermaid or drop waist silhouette or you can opt for an A-line to tighten your waist and give a little extra support. A Mermaid gown will accentuate your curves while also giving our body a flattering shape. Because a drop waist is similar it will also accentuate your curves through the slimmer upper half. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in think about finding a dress with ruching. The ruching will make you appear slimmer and show off your shape at the same time. Also embellishments in key places such as the waist will have the same effect. A-line dresses are a great silhouette for just about anyone but you’ll find that the fitted top creates the illusion of a small waist, giving you a clear hourglass shape. It’ll be extremely flattering and probably the most comfortable silhouette out of the three. Avoid sheath dresses. A sheath dress will not show off any of your natural shape and appear to be boxy on your figure.

 Gown Watters  Photo via  Cosmopolitian

Gown Watters

Photo via Cosmopolitian


If you are tall…

                  If you’re tall you want to highlight length the right way. You can go for a variety of different silhouettes. Try a sheath dress if you are looking for something simple. The long, slim structure of the dress will flatter your figure and show off your long frame. If you crave drama a ball gown would actually be perfect. Because you are tall you’ll be able to dominate the dress instead of vice versa. An A-line would also be nice if you like the drama of a ball gown but want something more soft and romantic. It will show off your long figure as well, if you are on the slimmer boxier side it will also create the illusion of curves be flaring at the waist. Stay away from anything that will add length on top such as crazy up-dos, and excessive hair pieces.