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10 Bridal hacks to Ensure Your Wedding Day is Perfect

There are a lot of little things that could happen on your wedding day that may seem minimal to other people but will definitely be major to you. After all, if you were to describe your wedding day in one word you’d probably want it to be perfect and that is completely understandable. So, in an effort to help you prevent any small hiccups we have put together a list of 10 bridal hacks that will help your day go seamlessly.

 Real bride Blair in Heidi Elnora.  Photo via Spostso Photography

Real bride Blair in Heidi Elnora.  Photo via Spostso Photography

1 . If you’re wearing a strapless gown ask the seamstress to sew in bra cups or your strapless bra to avoid pulling at your dress or bra all night.

2. When you get your hair and makeup done wear a button down shirt or robe to avoid pulling a t-shirt over your head and messing up your hair and makeup. For fun pictures or bridal party gifts give your bridesmaids customized robes or button downs. Etsy has a great selection!

3. Keep dryer sheets in your emergency kit for the inevitable deodorant stains.

4. When, not if you, cry at the alter you’re going to wish you had a tissue. So, hide them in either your or your maid of honor’s bouquet to keep them handy.

5. Your bridal emergency kit is crucial. At Mon Amie we supply you with a sewing kit in case you lose a button or pop a seam going too hard on the dance floor but, there are a couple other things you should put in your kit. Bobby pins, extra face powder, dryer sheets, soda water, etc.

6. If you’re having an outdoor wedding or taking pictures outdoors, veil weights can come in handy. They’ll prevent your veil from blowing all over the place while you’re walking down the aisle. If you like the look of a windswept veil for your pictures, veil weights are removable!

7. Sole mates are heel covers so you’re not sinking into the grass or dirt. They’ll be super helpful if you’re eyeing a pair of fantastic heels for your big day but concerned you’ll be sinking with every step. We sell them here at Mon Amie.

8. For the dreaded wine spill, dump table salt on it immediately. The salt will help bring up the stain making it lighter until you can get soda water to clean it.

9. White teeth and wine are not friends. If you spent money on whitening or did home remedies to ensure you’re pearly whites are just that on your wedding day you don’t want a little staining due to wine stop you. And you don’t want to say no to wine. Luckily there are these convenient wipes called wine wipes you can use to wipe your teeth so they remain squeaky clean.

10. Lastly, we’re sure how you’re going to use the bathroom has probably crossed your mind. The Bridal Buddy is a little tool that can go under your dress. You synch it up when you’re ready to go and it encases your dress allowing you to use the restroom without an audience of your closest friends there to hold your dress. It can be used on any silhouette which is amazing for all brides wearing ball gowns probably thinking there’s no way.

We hope these hacks will help you have the most perfect wedding day ever. Remember to stay calm if something does happen, use these hacks, and have fun!