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Watters Trunk Show

This upcoming weekend (June 24-26) Mon Amie Bridal will be having a Watters trunk show, which will showcase designs from the Fall 2016 bridal collection. Vatana Watter’s designs have become some of the most popular and sought after dresses since she began designing bridal gowns in the 90's. Watters has certainly earned its name in the bridal industry having now been in business for 30 years. Watters designs have been worn by celebrities such as actress Mayim Bialik and singer Kelly Clarkson.

Vatana Watters reflected on how she got her start in an interview with the Dallas Morning News.  She told them after graduating from FIDM in California, she moved to Dallas where she began designing bridesmaid dresses that strayed away from the big shoulder trend of the 80s. From there she only designed bridesmaid dresses until the 90s when she began designing bridal gowns that appealed to “girls with really good fashion sense” AND their wallets. Since then she has grown her brand, now carrying flower girl and mother of the bride dresses as well as, plus sized and more bohemian style gowns to cater to a wide array of brides.

Watters is known for classic styles that appeal to brides looking for feminine, dainty and whimsical elements in a dress. As of recent, Watters has begun to add modern into their bridal vocabulary incorporating new twists on detail, color, and fit to each new collection. With the Spring 2016 collection we saw pops of color, lots of lace and fun patterns which hinted that the Fall 2016 collection would stray away from typical Watters designs and introduce new looks to the next generation of brides.

The Fall 2016 collection that will be featured at Mon Amie this upcoming weekend truly appeals to many different kinds of brides. For the bride that wants to stay away from the traditional white dress Watters is offering beautiful shades of pink and gold. For the more simplistic bride their newest sheath dresses offer a certain understated elegance that is hard to match. For the bride that wants to sparkle Watters has added subtle sequins and beautiful stones to a couple different gowns. And while we are starting to see some edgier designs we also see some of the same timeless styles that have kept Watters popular throughout the years. Whether you are looking to find something edgier and modern or chasing the classic elegance we know traditionally it wouldn’t hurt to see these new Watters designs and stop by the trunk show this weekend.