Pic via Magic Scissors

Pic via Magic Scissors

Mon Amie Bridal Salon is proud to provide a highly skilled staff for those brides who choose to use our services. Alterations are by appointment only. This is an additional charge, not included in the price of the wedding gown. All brides are given an alteration estimate at the time of purchase, by the bridal manager, who assisted in the size selection. Please keep in mind that this is an estimate only. Any custom work or additional alterations that may not have been discussed at the time of your original alterations estimate may lead to additional costs.

Hours of Operations for the Alterations Department

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 11 - 7

Thursday & Friday: 10 - 3

Saturday: Appointments approved by request only

Please call the customer service department for possible availability.

Advanced Scheduling

***Your gown balance must be paid before your alterations can begin.***

Suggestions for Scheduling Your Alterations:

Walk-ins are not accepted in the Alterations Department.  An appointment is required for alterations to be made.

We recommend you schedule your alterations appointment 6-8 weeks before your wedding date. You may be charged a rush fee if your appointment is under the required time allotment.

We book up very quickly.  Please give yourself ample time to make your appointment.  This will insure that you have the best opportunity of securing the appointment most convenient to your schedule

What You Will Need

It is very important that you have your undergarments (bra, slip, etc.) and shoes for all your alterations appointments. We require this to insure that all is as you would like it.  The shoes and slip will determine the length of your gown and the bra will help for the foundation of your bodice.

We will not be able to begin your alterations without these items.

You are required to bring all these items to every alterations appointment.

What to Expect

In general, you will have 2 alterations appointments with your seamstress. The first appointment will take about one hour and the seamstress will pin your gown. The scheduling of your second appointment will be arranged by you and your seamstress during the first fitting. Please keep in mind, if you should choose not to have your alterations done during this first appointment, you will be charged a $25 pinning fee.

At your second appointment, you will see the work that has been done on your gown. If you need any finishing alterations, you and your seamstress may need to arrange another appointment.

Gown Pressing

Gown and veil pressing are services that are offered by Mon Amie Bridal as an additional charge. Gowns and veils will not automatically be pressed.

Pressed items are typically picked up by the bride the week of the wedding. If someone else will be picking up your items in your place, you will need to sign a Merchandise Release form. Please fill one out at one of your appointments or call Customer Service and one can be faxed or emailed to you. No gown will be released without written permission.

At the time of your first fitting you will be asked to arrange a pressing pick-up date.