Mon Amie Bridal Salon

For the Ultimate Expression of a Bride

Roz La Kelin

Traditional, Over the Top, & Beautiful

Designer Roz la Kelin views bridal as the highest form of wearable art.

Carefully engineered construction techniques and unique pattern block and fabrication to create a gown that has invisible details that sculpt the perfect foundation for a bride as well as the highest quality affordable garment for brides to be around the world.   Conscious that every woman anticipates the moment they will experience the revered tradition of bridal gown shopping and how more and more brides are blending their personal identity into their weddings, Roz la Kelin collections offer a range of designs and styling, from high fashion elements to romantic, timelessness and contemporary, on-trend designs.

An influential designer in the Australian bridal industry for over 20 years, a Roz la Kelin design is guaranteed to be of an exceptional quality and craftsmanship.